Our Story

Tales from the Birdbath are a Seattle band, and even when they're not playing in Seattle, they're usually signing about Seattle.  Songs about The Woodland Park Zoo, nearest neighbor Olympia, and rainy days all evoke the light hearts and heavy skies of the rainy emerald city.  

Over the years the Birdbath has welcomed contributions from Seattle greats such as Rusty Willoughby (Flop & Pure Joy), Dave Fox and Mike Musburger (Fastbacks, Posies), Brian Wallace (the Primate 5), Dave Rainey and Chris Lorraine (Malinks), and Fred Northup (Severna Park, Caspar Babypants).  But at the core of the band, it's always been all about Ean and Reba, the husband and wife rock 'n roll team.

We have recently re-released all of our material digitally, check us out on google playspotify and itunes.